European Removals are able to supply a wide variety of robust cartons and packing cases. Please take a look at our boxes website to purchase boxes online. We can supply bubble wrap and crepe paper for fragile items. Please ensure that packing materials are ordered in time before your move.

Remember, packing is a matter of common sense, don't overload individual items (use an extra carton) and do use the recommended cases for large or fragile objects such as computers, televisions or hi-fi. Please use picture boxes for framed paintings and posters, and the special reinforced cartons for books. Pack delicate objects in the centre of the carton and surround with soft or protective materials. To pack bikes in their special cartons, remove the front wheel and pedals, and, turn the handlebars through 90. Professional packing is available for delicate items or very large shipments, please contact us for details.

As a guide use the following:

1 suitcase = 3ft carton

1.5 suitcases = 4.5ft carton

2 teachests = 9ft packing case

3 suitcases = 9ft packing case

3 teachests = 13ft packing case