If your goods are being professionally packed by European Removals export packers, there is very little that you are required to do.

Our Sales Representative will advise our Packing Crew in advance of any special requirements that you have and you will of course be able to discuss and arrange (in most cases) any last minute inclusions or alterations with them on moving day.

When our Packers leave your home, you will be given a copy of your numbered and measured Inventory List (enumerating each item or package that you send and (usually) the contents thereof). This is prepared by our Packing Crew, as your effects are loaded into the container or vehicle that will transport them. This is the definitive list of contents, showing the final volume on which you will be charged and the number of pieces in your consignment. Copies of this are retained by our Head Office and used by our Destination Office or Agent. This ensures that, at all stages of your removal, everyone is able to accurately reference any piece in your consignment.